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i love this scene so fucking much 
and i didn’t noticed it the first or the second time i watched the movie 
but its so beautiful because Tiana’s father says that he wants that people from all walks of life to come and eat at their restaurant and Tiana later on tells Naveen “Folks are gonna be comin’ together from all walks of life just to get a taste of our food” and here you have the king and queen of Maldovia sitting together eating with Tiana’s mother a poor tailor from New Orleans equally  and Tiana got all she ever wanted working hard for it its just soo  beautiful 
(also i fucking love the fact they threat the douchebags in the bank with a  crocodile) 


im still confused by ppl using “fuckboy” to describe someone they like and find extremely attractive 

bc ive always known fuckboy to be an extremely insulting word like if a girl called you a fuckboy she really hates you in about 8 different ways

i thought rude boy was what folks used to describe ppl they find extremely attractive wat happened

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First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

I can’t stand what these children have to go through it’s so heart breaking


Novacane // Frank Ocean

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