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"It worries me how racist the Disney fandom is. Seriously, someone brings up the fact that Frozen has no POC and the racist people come out of the woodworks. It’s also upsetting that a lot of people don’t want more POC in the line up"

Because GOD FORBID a fairytale set in Scandinavia has white people. Le shock. Le horror.And if you want more POC in the lineup, TALK WITH YOUR DAMN MONEY. Buy Tiana merchandise. Buy Facilier merchandise. Buy Lilo and Nani merchandise. Buy Pocahontas and Mulan merchandise. Buy Jasmine merchandise. Buy Aladdin merchandise. Buy Esmeralda merchandise. Buy Kuzco merchandise. Buy Kenai and Sitka and Denahi merchandise. Buy Mowgli merchandise. Buy Russell merchandise.Because that’s what Disney and big corporations like it listen to.Oh, and it’s cute how the character used here is Esmeralda, my personal favourite ever Disney character, who was kicked out of the lineup because she wasn’t popular enough, has ZERO merchandise, and has practically been forgotten except among the nerdiest of Disney nerds. Even the people working at the freaking Disney Store and at Disney theme parks don’t remember the Hunchback of Notre Dame.But no, don’t think about that, bitch about how a film set in one of the whitest areas of Earth has no POC instead of showing support for the POC that have actually been a part of the Disney lineup and proving that you actually care about the issue.But that’s what always happens - cry and whine and bitch and then when a character that meets your criteria comes along lose all interest after two seconds so you can cry and whine and bitch some more next time you find an excuse.
No, it doesn’t matter that Elsa is the first disabled/ mentally ill Disney princess, or that at the end she doesn’t magically get better, or that the movie says “hey kids, sometimes there are people that are broken in the brainpan, and they can be outcasts and unhappy and scared and odd, but that’s OK, they are still people, even good people, and it’s OK to love them and to BE them”. It doesn’t matter that Rapunzel realistically portrays emotional/ psychological abuse of a child by its caregiver.
All that matters is their skin colour.

Bullet points:
The Snow Queen, the story that Frozen is loosely based off of had characters of color in it. For the makers of Frozen to omit them is racism by exclusion. Also, Arendelle is not an actual place. And even though Scandinavia is majorly white, it doesn’t mean that people of color never existed there. The movie actually whitewashes the Saami (referenced by the ice harvesters and Kristoff), who, at the time when the film takes place, where still majorly people of color.
It’s easy to say “talk with your money” when there’s no merchandise to be found. In a lot of places, you’re hard pressed to find much merchandise for Tiana or Jasmine, let alone Pocahontas and Mulan or any other characters of color for that matter. You act like this stuff is just sitting on the shelves just waiting to be bought and people are just going along and ignoring it. No. We don’t buy it because it’s not available to us. Do you know that in many stores, dolls of the princesses of color sell out first because there’s so little stock of them compared to the white princesses. I’m going to assume you didn’t since you’re spouting this nonsense.
People have been showing support for Disney characters of color: there are plenty of blogs that highlight Disney’s different characters of color, like disneyofcolor, disneydiversity, and disneyforprincess for instance. There is appreciation for these characters; they’re just overshadowed by their white counterparts who are given much more exposure and adoration by the fandom and the company.
Rapunzel and Elsa have been good characters for what they have gone through and what they portray (somewhat accurately), but yes, their skin color does matter. Their skin color affords them an automatic level of sympathy iin their stories in relation to the women of color in Disney’s franchise. Their whiteness gives them an automatic leg up because white characters in general are aloud to be seen as automatically multifaceted and sympathetic. This is not the same for characters of color. It is a proven fact that skin color determines how much sympathy, support and humanity that people are given.
Speaking of mental illness and abuse: here’s a neat fact. Did you know that black people are thought to have less mental illness/problems compared to white people because of a myth that they feel less pain and stress (this actually dates all the way back to slavery)? This is why there will probably never be a black princess that will have some sort of mental illness/abuse like Rapunzel or Elsa because it would seem “uncharacteristic” of a black woman. 
Whiteness is seen as the default as well as the most human: imagine what that realization does to the minds of people of color as well as the people that surround them. So think before you speak about what people need to do when you actually know what you’re talking about.



The halls of a high school in Texas. Students gather to support their classmate after losing his mother to cancer.

this is the most beautiful thing i have seen all day

What I loved about this so much is that he found his mother after she passed literally the day before this picture. He was strong enough to come to school and his classmates just understood and was so proud of him.
me: "are there any spirits listening "
ouija: "yes are you alone "
me: "yes "
ouija: "haha nice whats up :P "
me: "trying to contact my dead grandmother "
ouija: "cool cool so what would u be doing if i was alive right now lol"


team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 

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I met her in the winter
A young girl in search of an adventure
In love with wearing heels and taking pictures
She was the perfect girl, the beauty to my beast
At war with the world, and she was my only peace
We both shared secrets and then created our own
Lived in this house of pain, but hell, we made it a home
Thank the heavens for her cause I couldn’t make it alone
We belong to each other, we’re two mates of the soul
written by Coolroy ft.Jhene Aiko: “Poison” (via khxria)